Our Toddlers

Don't you just love toddlers?

They’re finding their feet and into everything! Well, here at Peekaboo that’s just what we want, curiosity, trial and error, energy and motivation. They’re so interested in everything, and just learning so much as they choose what to do or play with the nursery members of staff.

A typical thing we hear is ‘me do it!’ Of course unless it’s something they don’t want to do then we hear ‘no!’. This is good! They’re finding their own mind and learning to be able to make a choice for themselves.

Our toddlers key people are also full of energy! They just have to be. They plan play activities to support the children’s growing development and follow their interests closely. Our huge outdoor area is just perfect for our beautiful little runners and climbers.

There’s one member of staff for every four two-year-olds.

To see photos of our toddlers, check out our gallery

This page was last updated 05/08/2023