Our Babies

Our baby room is carefully designed to NOT be a clinical space with hard floors etc.

We wanted a comfortable, squishy environment that feels like home. All the babies resources are floor level for them so once they start moving they can access anything they want to, and of course there’s lots of comfortable area for those all important cuddles.

There’s just a gate in the doorway between the babies and the rest of the children so that they can see each other. Older children often pop by to say ‘hello’, and the babies go to the bigger room to do messy play with their key person and to have their breakfast, lunch and tea.

Our baby room staff are all trained in working with babies. They care for and educate each one until they are ready to move on into our toddler group. This is usually when they are around 18 months to 2 years old. There’s one member of staff for three children under the age of two.

To see photos of our baby room, check out our gallery

This page was last updated 22/08/2023