The Daily Routine

When planning our routine we thought very carefully about how we balance children's physical needs with getting the best from them in our teaching.

This is what we came up with, and is how we manage our day:

8:00am - 9:00am


Fuel is so important for our bodies. A child will struggle to focus, play, and develop if they haven’t got some good healthy nutrition inside them!

Breakfast is available for all our children, It’s usually cleared away at 9ish, but children arriving after then are still offered some. Children who have arrived early and have finished their breakfast can choose their play while everyone arrives.

9:00am - 9:20am


Getting our bodies moving energises us and is good for physical and mental health.

Getting ‘hot and sweaty’ shows the exercise is having the best impact on our bodies. It also gets the children ready for optimal learning, and of course playing ‘the floor is lava’ and other such games is just so much fun!

They’re developing their co-ordination, physical skills, listening skills and at times teamwork and turn taking – all vital skills for life.

This is rounded off with the children sitting together, singing our good morning song, then being introduced to what is available for play to choose from.

9.20am - 11.30am

Teach and play

We base our play provision areas on the following categories:


small world

puzzles and games

messy (paint, gloop, glue, dough, plasticine etc.)



mark making

home corner


heuristic / treasure basket play

gross motor activities outside

Most resources are freely available, however some are for adult supported use only (such as games with small pieces). 

Children engage in both free play and adult focussed activity, with the length of time in each varying depending on the needs of the children.

The groups take it in turns to go outside, and snacks are available from 10am to keep them going until lunch.

11.30am - 11:40am

Environment clean and care

All good things come to an end….

A five-minute warning is given so children have time to finish what they are doing ready for tidy up time.

We play a song ‘Who will tidy up when I say go...GO’ and the children, with lots of help, tidy up before the song ends

(of course there’s always one just going round in circles singing, who needs a little bit more help?).

11:40am - 12noon


We’re all shattered by now and energy levels are running low, so it’s time to give our bodies time to rest, re-fuel and start again!

Chill time is often some yoga or the beginnings of meditation – soft music while laid on the floor relaxing, learning to consciously breathe etc.


Then everything is repeated for the afternoon! 

After tea is non-messy play time as children begin to be collected and go home.


This page was last updated 23/08/2023