Book a place and getting to know us

We are friendly we promise! And are here to help.

We understand it’s an anxious time thinking about leaving your little one, so we try to make this as easy as possible for all of you. We know your child will settle with us, but equally we know you might struggle with this. This is all about the attachments you and your child have made, and those feelings really are healthy ones, even though they don’t feel that way.


Unless it’s a dire emergency, we never take a child without having had settling in times first. We like you to visit us and other nurseries, choose us as your preferred nursery and book your place. Then, come and play for an hour or so as a settling in session. We work with you and your child on how many of these settling in sessions you need. Once we are all happy with each other your actual sessions will start.

We have lots of forms that need to be completed, you can access them below, or we can give you copies when you visit. You can download personal detail and consents form here.


While you are with us we have regular discussions to ensure you are happy with our service and so we can discuss your child’s development. We also use a secure online observation system called Tapestry. This is where we show you things your child has been doing, post pictures and their development progress, and let you know information such as when your child has slept, had nappy changes etc. 

We are available at any time in person, by telephone or email for a chat and to answer any questions; just contact us.

This page was last updated 10/11/2023